Refund/Cancellation Policy

Thank you for being an esteemed learner! We always assure you the best of our services.

As a responsible platform that offers learning, does its utmost to ensure that participants of its courses derive the full value for their money. Please read the following refund/cancellation policy:

a. When cancels or reschedules a virtual class reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any virtual classes due to unavoidable reasons. These could include lack of sufficient registrations (for e.g., if fewer than five participants enroll for a virtual training course), or circumstances beyond its control. In such an event, will notify all the attendees 24 hours prior to the start time of the scheduled virtual classes event.

When such a cancellation happens, the registered attendees will get a full refund of the amount paid in a single settlement via a banker's check deposited to the bank account specified by them.

To facilitate this, you could either mail in your request with the bank details, or you could simply update the details by logging in to, and your payment will be processed within 5 working days.

Alternatively, the attendees can opt for any one of the below: (Please note, however, that will not be responsible for any penalties or other expenditure that may result from the cancellation.)

  1. Virtual classes that get cancelled can be rescheduled, and a participant can attend the rescheduled virtual classes. In such an event, an online redeemable voucher will be mailed with the prerequisite codes and passwords. The same, however, should be redeemed within twelve months' time.
  2. If the attendees wish to take a different virtual class which has the same price tag at a future date and time, they are permitted to. In such an event, an online redeemable voucher will be mailed with the requisite codes and passwords. Please note, however, that the same should be redeemed within twelve months' time.
  3. A participant who wishes to take up on-demand recording in exchange for a live one, is permitted to do so.

b. When the attendee cancels her/his attendance at a virtual training course:

  1. Individual attendees can cancel their attendance, on their own, to an event they have enrolled for, for any reason. In such an instance, they must notify about the cancellation, with the details of the event, at least two working days prior to the event start date.
  2. Upon receipt of this notification, will mail an online redeemable voucher with the requisite codes and passwords. The same should be redeemed within twelve months' time.
  3. If the attendee fails to cancel his/her registration to the event within the above-mentioned stipulated time or if she/he fails to attend the event, no refund shall be made.

c. When the Participant Makes a Duplicate Payment:

If a participant ends up making a double or duplicate payment for a virtual training due to a technical or human error, she can write to our Support team explaining the same. We will refund the excess/duplicate amount within 5 to 10 working days.

For further clarification on the refund or cancellation policy, you can contact the support team over phone. Or, you are welcome to write to us at Please mention the transaction ID, event ID, and the event date in the subject column when you write to us.