Analytics Master Course with Excel, Python

Elevate your HR expertise! This comprehensive course blends the power of Excel & Python to master HR analytics. Analyze workforce data, uncover hidden trends, and gain strategic insights to optimize every HR decision.
Duration: 1 Day
Hours: 3 Hours
Training Level: All Levels
Single Attendee
$199.00 $332.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About the Course:

Drowning in HR data but yearning for actionable insights? This masterclass equips you with the cutting-edge tools to transform data into strategic wisdom. Master both Excel and Python, the industry's go-to tools for HR analytics, through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies.

You'll learn:

  • Excel:¬†Data cleaning, manipulation, visualizations, advanced techniques (PivotTables, macros).
  • Python:¬†Programming fundamentals, HR-specific libraries, data analysis & modeling.
  • HR Analytics:¬†Performance analysis, workforce trends, recruitment optimization, predictive modeling.

Course Objective:

  • Confidently utilize Excel and Python for HR data analysis.
  • Uncover hidden insights and trends in your workforce data.
  • Generate impactful dashboards and reports for informed decision-making.
  • Apply advanced analytics techniques to solve complex HR challenges.
  • Become a strategic HR partner, driving data-driven initiatives.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • HR professionals seeking to master advanced analytics.
  • Talent managers aim to leverage data for strategic workforce planning.
  • Recruiters want to optimize hiring with data-driven insights.
  • HR analysts and consultants seeking to refine their skills.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Working familiarity with Microsoft Excel.
  • Basic understanding of data analysis concepts.
  • No prior Python programming experience is required.

Total Duration: 3 Hours
Introduction to HR Analytics & Data Visualization

  • Importance of HR analytics in modern organizations.  
  • Excel & Python fundamentals for data analysis.  
  • Creating compelling HR data visualizations (charts, dashboards).  

Mastering Excel for HR Analytics

  • Advanced data cleaning and manipulation techniques.  
  • Analyzing employee performance metrics.  
  • Identifying workforce trends and patterns.  

Introduction to Python for HR Analytics

  • Python programming basics with hands-on practice.  
  • Importing and manipulating HR data in Python.  
  • Leveraging HR-specific Python libraries.  

Deep Dive into HR Analytics with Python

  • Predicting employee turnover and retention.  
  • Optimizing recruitment strategies with data-driven insights.  
  • Identifying pay equity gaps and analyzing compensation trends.  

Advanced Modeling and Storytelling with Data

  • Building predictive models for HR forecasting.  
  • Communicating HR insights effectively through data storytelling.  
  • Ethical considerations in HR analytics.  

Capstone Project: Applying Your Skills

  • Apply your learnings to a real-world HR analytics project.  
  • Collaborate, analyze, and present your findings.  
  • Receive feedback and refine your data-driven HR expertise.