ChatGPT for Customer Service and Support

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-based language model that can understand and respond to human language.
Duration: 1 Day
Hours: 4 Hours
Training Level: All Level
Batch Nine
Thursday, July 11, 2024
12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Batch Ten
Thursday, August 08, 2024
12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Batch Eleven
Thursday, September 05, 2024
12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Live Session
Single Attendee
$149.00 $249.00
Live Session
Single Attendee
$199.00 $332.00
6 month Access for Recorded
Single Attendee
$249.00 $416.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About the Course:

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-based language model that can understand and respond to human language. In the realm of customer service, ChatGPT can be utilized to enhance support interactions, automate responses, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

This instructor-led, Live Training is designed for customer service professionals who wish to harness the power of ChatGPT to deliver exceptional customer experiences and streamline support operations.

Course Objective:

  • Understand the fundamentals of ChatGPT and its applications in customer service.
  • Utilize ChatGPT to provide personalized and efficient customer support.
  • Develop automated chatbots powered by ChatGPT to handle customer inquiries.
  • Implement best practices for leveraging ChatGPT in customer service scenarios.
Who is the Target Audience?

  • Customer service representatives
  • Customer support managers
  • Call center agents
  • Customer experience professionals
Basic Knowledge:

  • Basic computer experience
  • Familiarity with customer service principles and practices

Total Duration: 4 Hours
Introduction to ChatGPT

  • What is ChatGPT and how does it work?  
  • Overview of ChatGPT for customer service  

Enhancing Customer Interactions

  • Using ChatGPT to provide personalized customer support  
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for efficient ticket handling and issue resolution  
  • Implementing ChatGPT for multilingual support  

Developing ChatGPT-powered Chatbots

  • Designing conversational flows and user experiences  
  • Training chatbots to handle common customer inquiries  
  • Integrating ChatGPT-powered chatbots into existing customer service systems  

Automation and Efficiency

  • Automating repetitive tasks and inquiries with ChatGPT  
  • Streamlining customer service workflows with ChatGPT  
  • Implementing proactive customer engagement using ChatGPT  

Best Practices for ChatGPT in Customer Service

  • Ensuring consistent and accurate responses with ChatGPT  
  • Addressing privacy and security considerations  
  • Monitoring and evaluating ChatGPT performance and customer feedback  

Ethical Use of ChatGPT in Customer Service

  • Avoiding biases and promoting inclusivity in customer interactions  
  • Transparency and disclosure when using ChatGPT-powered systems  
  • Exploring ethical considerations and responsible AI use in customer service  

Future Trends and Developments

  • Emerging advancements in ChatGPT and customer service  
  • Implications of AI in the future of customer support  
  • Opportunities for innovation and growth in customer service with ChatGPT