DAX Calculations in Power BI - Beginners to Intermediate

Learn how to create data models, relationships and use DAX formulas in Microsoft Power BI with 5-star rated Business Intelligence Specialist & Certified IT Trainer.
Duration: 3 Days
Hours: 15 Hours
Training Level: All Level
Single Attendee
$349.00 $583.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About the Course:

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a programming language that is used throughout Microsoft Power BI for creating calculated columns, measures, and custom tables. It is a collection of functions, operators, and constants that can be used in a formula, or expression, to calculate and return one or more values.

Dr. Sameer Rohadia, a Microsoft Certified Power BI Professional & Microsoft Certified Trainer, has trained 9000+ Industry professionals, University Professors, and students in the area of MS Power BI and MS Excel. He has a reputation for delivering excellent, logically structured courses that are easy to follow and get the point across without wasting learners’ time.

In this 15-hour virtual & hands-on course, you will learn how to create relationships, measures, calculated columns, use DAX, and all the other skills you need to build a data model that ensures your reports are top-notch! 

Course Objective:

  • Enjoy clear and concise step-by-step lessons from a 5-star rated BI Specialist & Certified IT Trainer
  • Use DAX and learn what you can achieve with DAX if utilized well
  • Structure and format DAX formula
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of creating data models and developing DAX formulas in Microsoft Power BI
  • Create calculated Columns and Measures using DAX in Power BI
  • Perform sophisticated calculations such as Time Intelligence, Relationship, and Table functions
  • Audit your formulas by understanding Filter and Row context
Who is the Target Audience?

  • Aspiring data professionals looking to master the #1 BI tool on the market.
  • Excel users who want to learn how to create Professional reports in Power BI.
  • Data Analytics or BI professionals looking to build expert-level DAX + Power BI skills.
  • Students looking for a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training.
Basic Knowledge:

  • Some basic knowledge of Power BI is strongly encouraged.
  • Recommend completing my “Microsoft Power BI Bootcamp” course available on the Simpliv platform (25-hour virtual course) before registering for this one.

Total Duration: 15 Hours
Introduction to DAX

  • What is DAX?  
  • DAX data types  
  • Calculated Columns  
  • Measures  
  • Aggregation functions  
  • Counting values  
  • Conditional functions  
  • Handling errors  
  • Relational functions  
  • IF function  
  • SWITCH function  

Evaluation contexts

  • Introduction to evaluation contexts  
  • Filter context  
  • Row context  
  • Filtering a table  
  • Using RELATED in a row context  
  • Filters and Relationships  

CALCULATE function

  • Introduction to CALCULATE function CSV files  
  • CALCULATE syntax explanation  
  • CALCULATE examples  
  • CALCULATE operators  

Table functions

  • Introduction to Table functions  
  • Filtering a table  
  • Ignoring filters  
  • Mixing filters  

Relationship functions

  • Introduction to relationship functions  

Time Intelligence functions

  • Introduction to time intelligence functions  
  • Creating Date table  
  • Aggregations over time - YTD, QTD, MTD  
  • Mixing time intelligence functions  
  • Semi-additive measures  
  • Calculations over weeks