DevOps Certification Bootcamp

Duration: 5 Days
Hours: 25 Hours
Training Level: All Level
Single Attendee
$349.00 $583.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About Devops Training Online Course

This DevOps Training Program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana. This DevOps Certification course is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner through best practices in Continuous Development, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, and finally, Continuous Monitoring of software throughout its development life cycle.

Devops Training Online Course Objective

To understand the DevOps Concepts and DevOps Tools

Deploying the main DevOps tools

To implement automated system update and DevOps lifecycle

Who is the Devops Training Target Audience?

System Administrators

Cloud Professionals

Solutions Architects

Security engineer

Infrastructure Architects

Site Reliability Engineers

Technical Leads

Software testers

Application Developers

Aspirants looking to work as DevOps professional

What Basic Knowledge Required to Learn Devops Training?

Proficiency in at least one programming language

Ability to understand and work with Linux commands

Total Duration: 25 Hours
DevOps Overview

Introduction to DevOps  

Benefits of working in a DevOps environment  

DevOps Lifecycle  

DevOps Stages  

DevOps Delivery Pipeline  

Git - Software Version Control

Version Control  
Git Introduction  
Git Installation  
Commonly used commands in Git  
Working with Remote repository  

Git, Jenkins & Maven Integration

Branching and merging in Git  

Merge Conflicts  

Stashing, Rebasing, Reverting and Resetting  
Git Workflows  
Introduction to Maven  
Maven Architecture  
Introduction to Continuous Integration  
Introduction to Jenkins  

Jenkins - Continuous Integration

Jenkins Architecture  

Plugin Management in Jenkins  

Jenkins Security Management  

Notification in Jenkins  

Jenkins Master-slave architecture  

Jenkins Delivery Pipeline  
Jenkins Declarative pipeline  

Ansible - Configuration Management

Introduction to Configuration Management  

Infrastructure as Code  

Introduction to Ansible  

Ansible Architecture  

Inventory Management  

Ansible Modules  

AD-HOC Commands  

Ansible Playbooks  
Ansible Roles  

Docker – Containerization




Docker Architecture  

Container Lifecycle  

Docker CLI  

Port Binding  

Detached and Foreground Mode  

Dockerfile Instructions  
Docker Image  
Docker Registry  
Container Storage  
Docker Compose  
Docker Swarm  

Kubernetes - Continuous Orchestration

Introduction to Container Orchestration  

Kubernetes Core Concepts  

Understanding Pods  

ReplicaSet and Replication Controller  
Scaling Application  
Persistent Storage in Kubernetes  
Primitives for PersistentVolumeClaims  
Secrets and ConfigMaps  
Headless Services  
Helm Charts  

Rolling Updates and Rollbacks  

Prometheus and Grafana - Continuous Monitoring

Introduction to Prometheus and Grafana  

Prometheus and Grafana Setup  
Monitoring using Prometheus  
Dashboard Visualization using Grafana  
Creating a Dashboard to monitor the Pipeline  

Provisioning using Terraform

Introduction to Terraform  
Terraform vs Ansible  
Terraform Architecture  
Terraform Configuration  
Terraform Common Commands  
Managing Terraform Resources  
Terraform State  
Terraform Project