Mastering Next-Gen AI apps with Streamlit, Hugging Face, ChatGPT, LangChain & GitHub Copilot

Mastering Generative AI Applications with Streamlit, Hugging Face, ChatGPT & GitHub Copilot: Build & Deploy in No Time!
Duration: 1 Day
Hours: 3 Hours
Training Level: All Level
Single Attendee
$199.00 $332.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About the Course:

Unleash the future of Generative AI applications in this all-encompassing journey. Delve into Streamlit, explore the expansive library of Hugging Face, harness the conversational might of ChatGPT, and supercharge your coding with GitHub Copilot. By integrating these powerful tools, you'll craft captivating interfaces and deploy groundbreaking AI solutions with ease and finesse.

Course Objective:

  • Dive deep into the essence of Streamlit, unlocking its potential for AI applications.
  • Navigate through Hugging Face, accessing an unparalleled library of over 200,000 ML models.
  • Embrace the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT through Langchain.
  • Supercharge your coding prowess with GitHub Copilot, enhancing productivity.
  • Integrate, design, and deploy user-centric AI applications with eye-catching UIs.
  • Master the art of free hosting for your next-gen Streamlit ML applications.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • AI and ML enthusiasts are eager to stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Developers aiming to elevate their application development game.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to integrate AI solutions into their ventures.
  • Students and educators want a hands-on approach to the latest AI trends.
  • Business professionals seeking to understand and harness AI's potential in their domains.
  • Tech hobbyists are curious about the evolving landscape of Generative AI and related tools.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Basics of Python programming.

Total Duration: 3 Hours
Introduction to Streamlit

  • What is Streamlit and why use it?  
  • Basics of Streamlit

Hands-on: Creating basic apps and integrating widgets.  

  • Understanding Hugging Face: A Brief Overview
  • Introduction to Transformers, Models, Datasets, and Spaces
  • Using ML models offline
  • Engaging with ML models using the Inference API online without downloading 

Exploring ChatGPT API and Langchain

  • A deep dive into the ChatGPT API 
  • Practical walkthrough: Utilizing the ChatGPT API via Langchain

Boosting Productivity with GitHub Copilot

  • Introduction to GitHub Copilot
  • How to leverage GitHub Copilot to reduce development time
  • Hands-on: Using GitHub Copilot for ML application development

Building Generative AI Applications

  • Integrating Hugging Face and Langchain with Streamlit
  • Hands-on: Crafting a user-friendly UI for your ML application

Deploying and Hosting ML Applications for Free

  • A step-by-step guide to deploying Streamlit ML applications
  • Exploring options for free hosting